growing your startup to new horizons

What we do: Market entry planning

‣ General consulting of startups and small businesses
‣ Market research / market analysis
‣ Identification of key customers, stakeholders, partners
‣ Regional competitive benchmarking
‣ Market entry planning and management

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What we do: Support the founding of regional subsidiaries and local operations

‣ Finding the right local partners and service providers

‣ Finding the right law firms for incorporation

‣ Finding the right real estate agent

‣ Finding the right staff / support with local recruitment

‣ Landing team support

What we do: Regional marketing

‣ Marketing material localization

‣ Website translation, creation, hosting

‣ Regional social media management and support

‣ Planning and management of local product launches

‣ Planning and management of local events and marketing campaigns

‣ Regional product management / requirement engineering

‣ Regional business development

What we do differently

We will help your startup grow into new international markets. Here is what we do differently:


Short iterations and quick results instead of large projects with uncertain outcomes. In frequent calls we will set short-term goals, priorities and discuss new results.


Quick and cheap start with full cost-control from market entry planning to large-scale deployment. This means no "lock-in" and little risk for you.

Your priorities

We will work on your priorities which we will jointly re-evaluate every iteration.


We are based in Germany and currently focus on helping you to plan and prepare a market entry into Germany.

Germany, being the largest economy in the EU, has the biggest population of any EU country and might just be the next best destination for your products or services.

Get in contact and find out how we can help you find out what your chances are and how to get started planning your market entry.

PIONEER TO   Germany